Safes are an investment in your security, but all too often they go ignored until it’s too late and your valuables are compromised. Whether you open it every day for business, or once a year at home; Maintenance ensures security and prevents lockouts. Keyworx is fully licensed, bonded, insured and here to help with all your locksmithing needs, s a day, 7 days a week. We come to you!

Some of the types of safes we work with:

  • Residential
  • Fire Containers
  • High-SecuritySafes and Vaults
  • Smaller Jewelry Safes
  • Document File Cabinets
  • Commercial Wall Safes and Vaults
  • Money Registers and Lockboxes
  • Residential and Commercial Gun Safes
  • Concealable or Hidden Safes
  • … and many more!

Our licensed locksmiths can open safes new and old. Repairs can be made, combinations can be changed, new keys made and old safes can be made more secure with upgrades and retrofitting. Need help finding the best safe to fit your needs? We can help with that too! Contact us for a free quote on safe installation, repair and unlocking. You can also schedule an appointment online.

When finding a local locksmith, be sure to verify they are licensed, bonded and certified. Check their Google, Yelp and Facebook ratings, too. There are lots of scammers out there, protect yourself! Many of these scammers are found online through paid search ads. They prey on vulnerable customers, taking advantage of them in their time of need. They tell you a price over the phone then surprise you with a huge bill full of hidden fees. Enough is enough!

At Keyworx we treat our customers like neighbors, not numbers. We give fair, upfront pricing, no surprises. Our work is guaranteed to last, giving you peace of mind keeping your belongings secure. Give us a call or send us a message and we will be there soon with a free quote and great customer service!