A robust security system is more than alarms, locks or cameras, it is peace of mind. Knowing your security system was installed by a professional adds to this peace of mind. Many security systems on the market claim to be DIY friendly, however, to get the most out of your investment, systems should be installed by a licensed professional. Residential and commercial security systems alike need professional installation to be the most effective, reliable and tamper-resistant. Don’t compromise your safety!

Keyworx is here for all your security system install needs, for both residential and commercial properties all over the Sacramento area. We are licensed with the California State Board of Contractors, fully bonded and insured. Our installations meet manufacturer requirements and building codes. We work with everything from CCTV cameras to the newest in wireless Z-Wave and RFID technology.

Interested in ‘smart home’ integration? Many Sacramento area homes can benefit from smart home products like the Nest Learning Thermostat, NestCam, Phillips Hue, Wink, Amazon Echo, SimpliSafe and more! Not only will they make your home more secure, but they make it more comfortable and efficient too.

Our high-security locksmiths ensure businesses of all sizes can benefit from smart technology as well. Cameras and locks can be monitored and controlled remotely through your smartphone! Notifications and alarms are fully customizable giving you more flexibility than ever before. Instead of giving employees old-fashioned keys (which can be lost, stolen or copied), issue individual access codes or RFID cards, you never have to worry about lost keys again! Digital and biometric control access options are also available for installation.

When finding a locksmith to install your security system, be sure to verify they are licensed, bonded and certified. Check their Google, Yelp and Facebook ratings, too. There are lots of scammers out there, protect yourself! Many of these scammers are found online through paid search ads. They prey on vulnerable customers, taking advantage of them in their time of need. They tell you a price over the phone then surprise you with a huge bill full of hidden fees. Enough is enough!

At Keyworx we treat our customers like neighbors, not numbers. We give fair, upfront pricing, no surprises. Our work is guaranteed to last, keeping your home and business secure. Give us a call or send us a message and we will be there soon with a free quote and great customer service!